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Yoga Works: Part 1 – Spirituality Through Hot Coffee

Contributed By: Stefani Gallagher

The other day I was driving in to work, having a great day, singing and dancing in the car. It was a beautiful day and I was on Ocean Parkway with the windows open, enjoying the release of blasting music, singing, dancing and acting as if I was the only one in the world. I reached for my coffee in my to-go cup and it spilled right across my lap. The coffee was hot and my yoga pants were white, purple and teal.

I looked down at my lap and simply said out loud “Oh. I spilled my coffee”. I took a sip of the still hot beverage and placed it nicely back in the cup holder. I suddenly felt as if I no longer knew myself, it was an outer body experience I had never felt before.

Usually I would have screamed, and dropped the F bomb, either because I got burned, stained my pants right before class or maybe even because I now wasted a mouthful of caffeine.

I have to admit, I got a flashback to those days in high school of “Yeahhhhhh…whatever man….” but quickly realized that I was sober and present. I had simply taken a moment and a breath before REACTING as I usually do, and simply RESPONDED to the situation with “Oh. I spilled my coffee.” It was the most spiritual experience I had had in a while!!

I love chanting, harmoniums, mudras etc. but this was as spiritual as it gets folks. Rather than shout out an expletive, which is common for me, I allowed myself the space to grow and see that yoga works. We do not need a spiritual experience in every class, We need to be present enough to feel our bodies and the emotions that arise. From this point only can we began to shift our awareness and maybe even some of those old habits that keep us stuck.

Next time you get on your mat, stop looking for something to fix you or help you! Simply be where you are, be nice to you and allow yourself to feel….everything! One day, and hopefully not when you dump hot coffee in your lap, you will have your eyes opened to the fact that this yoga stuff really does change us. Sometimes a little bit differently that we envisioned, but it does.

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