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Yoga is for EveryBODY!

Contributed By: Eve Simonetti

Hi! Let me first introduce myself, I’m Eve! I am a yoga instructor, AntiGravity instructor as well as the assistant manager at Emerge. For the past 12 years, I have struggled with eating disorders and body image. I have found that the one thing that has helped me get through these difficult years has been the practice of yoga. I initially got into yoga because I thought it was another form of “exercise,” but I was surprised to find so much more that went into the practice. Asana (the poses) are such a small part of the practice. Mindfulness, awareness and the breath techniques that I learned in the practice has definitely become such a huge part of my life off the mat and in my daily life. Yoga gave me the tool of awareness. I had gone through the majority of my life not feeling safe in my own body and through the process of going to classes daily, I began to see that my body was not such a scary place to be. Everything I had searched for through food and other distractions has always been inside of me, I just needed that bit of awareness to begin to realize it. The more I practiced, the more I started to see the parts of myself that I had been running from for so long. Yoga can help people with body image by giving them the opportunity to look deeper than the physical aspects of themselves. When you are in alignment in your body, you begin to become in alignment with your beliefs. I have seen yoga repair the connection between the mind and body that most people don’t even know they were missing to begin with. For example, your mind may be telling you that you are hungry, but when the mind and body are connected, you can see if it is actually hunger or just a disconnection between the mind-body experience. Yoga is a practice of love, and in order to love others fully, we must begin by loving ourselves first. For my workshop of the month, we will practice all of the above and really dive deep into the mind-body disconnect that keeps us stuck in old ways of thinking that aren’t serving us. ‘Yoga for EveryBODY’ is for all people of all shapes and sizes who are looking to improve self-esteem, self-perception and work on empowering others by empowering themselves first. We will start with different personal and interactive exercises that help us explore the “mind” component and then move onto the “body” aspect where we will practice a specific yoga practice designed to ground the body. The final part of the workshop will begin to reconnect both the mind and the body, putting together the pieces of the puzzle that we may have been missing or searching for. As always keep an open heart, and know that in order to love others, it is important to practice self love first!

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