Emerge 300HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The Emerge 300HR Advanced Training is designed to greatly enhance your understanding of Emerge Yoga and refine your skills as a teacher. Through insightful lectures, advanced asana immersions, hands-on practice, and comprehensive explorations of the science, spirituality & practical application of yoga, this training will both deepen your personal practice and elevate your ability to share with others. From our experience, the best teachers are the most engaged students. If you’re inspired by what you have learned in your 200HR training and are thirsty to kick both your personal practice & teaching up a notch, this program will provide you with the inspiration, tools & dedicated support to do so!

This 300HR program is open to any students who have successfully completed a 200HR yoga training program!



300HR Advanced Training Overview & Flexible Module Format:

        Our 300HR Advanced Teacher Training is a comprehensive program that consists of 10 Core Modules, Elective Inspiration Sessions, Personal Practice, In-Class Assisting, and an Independent Research Project. Core modules will be offered approximately once a month from September through June with options for electives, classes & assists scattered throughout. This program is designed to be completed in 1 year OR can be explored over an extended period of time based on your personal needs & goals.


Core Curicculum Modules: (190 hours | 19 hours per module)

MODULE 1: Sadhana for the Modern Yogi
MODULE 2: Unleash Your Authentic Voice & Kinesthetic Coaching Skills
MODULE 3: Advanced Asana: What's Hiding in Your Hips? (Deep Hip Asana & Exploring Emotional Holding Patterns)
MODULE 4: YINtensive
MODULE 5: Advanced Asana: Bend into Bliss (Backbends & Authentic Self Expression)
MODULE 6: Chill Pill & Power Nap: Restorative “Retreat” + Yoga Nidra Immersion
MODULE 7: Advanced Asana: Flight School (Arm Balances & Interplay of Softness|Strength)
MODULE 8: Somatic-Psych 101: Understanding Body Consciousness
MODULE 9: Advanced Asana: World UPSIDEdown (Inversions, Trust & Non-Attachment)
MODULE 10: UpLevel: Off Your Mat & Into Your Life

Apprenticeship & Mentorship Modules: (100 hours)

MODULE 11: Personal Practice (50 or 70hrs)
MODULE 11A: Emerge Sadhana Retreat (20hrs)
MODULE 12: In Class Privates (10hrs)
MODULE 13: Full Class Assist (5hrs)
MODULE 14: Independent Research Project (15hrs)


Elective Sessions: (30HRS of electives – choice of 5 full day sessions)

    This is your opportunity to self direct your study and delve a bit deeper into a specific area of interest. Elective options may include (but are not limited to): Kundalini Yoga Immersion; Incorporating Reiki & Energy Work in Yoga; Beyond Alignment Sessions; Harmonium, Sanskrit & Devotional Chanting; Forrest Yoga Immersions; and MORE! Many sessions will be taught by guest teachers and will be listed on MindBody as they are scheduled!

    Please check MindBody for a full list of elective sessions & to sign up online!


    Total Hours Completed in Emerge Advanced Training: 320HRS

    This training meets and exceeds requirements for 300HR YTT Certification through Yoga Alliance!


    Bridge Program & Exploring the Emerge Way:

        While our 300HR Program is open to 200HR graduates from any school, our training is unique in that the curriculum extends well beyond the standard yoga asana and philosophy courses required by Yoga Alliance. Our multifaceted training includes wisdom and insight from various massage + bodywork modalities, coaching methods, and teaching theories.

          Since many of the modules in the Advanced Program (300HR) have been designed to expand upon methods and techniques introduced in our Foundation Training (200HR), students coming in from different yoga backgrounds may need to be introduced to some foundational material specific to Emerge. While this program is not required for admission into the 300HR program, it is highly recommended, and offered at a discounted rate for Advanced Training Enrollees.

            The Emerge Bridge Program is comprised of 6 200HR Modules that provide a clear introduction into the Emerge Method of Teaching Yoga and lay an integral foundation for Advanced Training. Program also includes 10 yoga classes, 3 observations & updated 200HR training manual pages). For more information please visit our Bridge Program Page!


            2017-2018 Core Module Schedule:

            Friday 7:30-9:30pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 11pm-6pm

          • October 13th – 15th
          • November 3rd – 5th
          • December 1st-3rd
          • January 5th-7th
          • February 2nd-4th
          • March 9th-11th
          • April 6th-8th
          • April 27th-29th
          • May 18th-20th
          • June 1st-3rd
          • Investment & Payment Plans:

              Tuition includes all training modules, 5 elective credits, 50 personal practice classes & 300HR manual. Options for discounted unlimited options available.

            • Advance Payment Discount: $3,750 (pay in full before start of training)
            • Flexible Payment Plan: $4,000: $500 deposit + $350 per month auto debit (on the 1st of each month) for 10 months; smaller payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly upon request
            • Al-La-Carte Option: Pay As You Go Per Module $500 deposit required to receive manual + personal practice classes. Core Modules = $350 each. Electives = $100 per credit (some modules incur extra fees). Pay as you go for what fits in your schedule and works with your budget.


      Emerge Yoga & Wellness Teacher Training Programs are Yoga Alliance Accredited!


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