Emerge Instructor Trainings & Continuing Education

Have you personally felt the transformational effects of yoga and are in a place where you want to give back and share what you’ve experienced with others?

Do you just LOVE hanging upside down and want to spread the lightness & levity of antigravity with everyone you meet?

Or perhaps, you’re simply looking to learn more… delving further into your own practice & expanding it fully into everyday life.

Emerge Teacher Trainings, Mentorships & Continuing Education Courses provide a platform for both personal development and community sharing in a safe, fun, and down to earth way!

Emerge Foundation Yoga Training ✸ 200HR Certification

Emerge Advanced Yoga Training ✸ 300HR Certification

Official AntiGravity® Instructor Training ✸ FUN 1 & 2

Emerge Immersion ✸ Bridge Program

Emerge Teaching Mentorship ✸ Yoga & Antigravity