AFFORDABLE Massage Memberships:

$60 per month for a 45 minute Emerge Signature Massage

While at many massage franchises they advertise 1HR massage for reduced rates, in reality, you are NOT getting that much hands on time. If you read their fine print, that slot includes consulting with your therapist, changing clothes pre/post massage AND the therapist’s time to swap sheets & clean the room even after you leave!

A “1HR Massage” at a franchise is booked ON the hour, and you receive about 45 minutes of hands-on time, TOPS!
(and that is if you’re there early AND the therapist isn’t backed up from their last appointment)


Integrity & transparency are priorities for us!

  • A 45 minute session INCLUDES A FULL 45 MINUTES OF HANDS-ON TIME (as long as you arrive on time).
  • We offer DISCOUNTED TIME UPGRADES so you can relax & unwind as long as you desire, without breaking the bank!
  • ALL of our therapists are highly trained in-house to offer TARGETED THERAPEUTIC TREATMENTS, in addition to the typical relaxation sessions you will find at a spa.
  • Every session is always catered to meet your specific needs & goals!

    Our Massage Membership Includes:

  • ONE 45 minute signature massage therapy session per month
  • UNLIMITED additional massages at the same rate
  • EXCLUSIVE members only time upgrade: $20 per 15 minutes
  • 20% OFF all other massage sessions & upgrades
  • 20% OFF sweats (sauna + biomat)

    Your Investment:

  • One Time Initiation Deposit: $100 (after the 12 month contract period, the deposit is credited to your emerge account to be used towards any classes/services at the studio or will roll over into your next contract term)
  • Recurring Monthly Payment: $60 for one 45 minute Emerge Signature Massage per month
  • We also offer memberships that include UNLIMITED YOGA + 1 Therapeutic Session (massage, float, or solo-private) per month. Please check out our Therapeutics Pricing & Membership Page for details.

    THE (not so) FINE PRINT