Emerge Life Coaching

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We’ve all been in that place where not knowing what comes next or how to get there can be both frightening and debilitating. You can be a stay at home mom looking for inspiration or a college grad not knowing what to do with your degree, an artist craving creative break, or a business owner simply hoping to balance work and home life. It doesn’t matter what you came from or where you’re journeying next, transition can be unsettling. And, in those moments, it’s important to have a someone supporting and encouraging your dreams.

Life Coaches are your personal advocates to turn your dreams into reality.

We help you discover your priorities, systematically design plans to achieve what’s important, eliminate personal and external obstacles, and achieve limitless success as you… CREATE AN INSPIRED LIFE!

WHO hires a Life Coach?

Anyone looking to make proactive changes in their life! You can benefit from coaching if:

  • You’re dissatisfied and yearn for a change
  • You feel stuck, but aren’t sure how and where to begin
  • You know what you want, but don’t know how to get there
  • You have a desire to live better and are willing to do the work
  • You need motivation & accountability to accomplish your goals
  • You’re ready to be your best self + live a life you’re inspired by


WHAT is Coaching?

While traditional therapy is a venue to understand feelings for mental & emotional healing, life coaching provides an action oriented platform for personal transformation. Sessions are structured to provide you with tools and strategies to proactively create the life you want. Coaching sessions will support you in the following:

  • Increasing self-awareness and getting clear on who you are and what you want
  • Uncovering your personal strengths, areas of improvement, and unconscious habits that are holding you back
  • Taking control of you life & start directing it’s course
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs & replace them with empowering ones
  • Speeding up the process of reaching your goals by creating action steps that will help you maneuver any obstacles.


WHEN, WHERE, & HOW Do I Start?

Simply fill out our Confidential Coaching Questionaire & a coach will connect within 48 hours to schedule a 30 minute consultation.

After your initial consultation, coaching sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone. Sessions typically last 50 minutes and can occur 2-4 times per month. The schedule & format will be discussed in the initial consultation. E-mail support between sessions is included in coaching packages.

Ready to live fully and become the creator of a life you’re inspired by? AT EMERGE, WE GOT YOUR BACK!