Imagine an environment free from gravity, strain, tension, or pain… a place where you can float effortlessly without distractions or unwanted noise.

True REST® (Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy) is a zero gravity environment that allows the mind and body to… truly rest. The buoyancy in the pod makes floating on water feel like floating on air. Without any effort you can relieve pain, heal faster, relax, de-stress, improve sleep and find your zen in the ultimate antigravity experience!


Benefits of Float Therapy & True REST®?

Getting rid of all sensory input allows the ‘constantly-make-sure-you’re-not-dying’ part of your brain to chill out for a second, allowing the creative, relaxed part of your brain to come out and play. Without the constant pressure of analyzing the world around you, your body calms your stress response, all while elevating your “happy hormones” and hitting you with a holistic high! Beyond this (which is awesome on its own), floating comes with a multitude of incredible benefits (physical, mental & spiritual):

Triggers the Chill Out Part of Your Nervous System
Quiet Time for A Peaceful Mind
Powers Up Your Stress Resistance
Boosts Immunity + Healing Abilities
Pain Relief in an AntiGravity Environment
Helps You Catch Some ZzZ's: Improves Sleep Abilities
Athletic Enhancement & Post Exercise Recovery
Brain Power: Increases Intuition, Creativity & Super Learning
Sensitivity Balancing & Buffering
Float Free From Habits & Addiction
Find Your Zen: Enhanced Meditation
Endorphins: Increase Our Natural High Hormones


Your 1st Float!

Though the act of floating is effortless, we have some guidelines + suggestions to ensure your 1st time (of many we’re sure) is blissful! Check out the Intro Video from True Rest (home of the Float Pod®) & read below to learn all you need to know about: how to prepare, the session itself, and your post float chill out options!


Relax. Breath. Smile. This time is for you!

And as you follow the steps below, get ready for healing, recovery + True REST.

Preparation: Before You Come & What to Bring

The Float Session: From Start to Finish

Post Float: Letting the Zen Linger


Questions About Floating?

Don’t worry, we get lots of them. Check out the FAQ for the ones we get most!

Can I float if I’m pregnant?
Is there anyone who shouldn't float?
Can I float if I’m menstruating?
Can I float if I just dyed my hair?
Do I need to bring anything?
Can more than one person float in a tank at a time?
Do I have to stay in the whole time?
What’s the longest someone has been in the tank?
What if I’m claustrophobic?
Is the water clean?
What if I fall asleep? Will I drown?
What is Epsom salt & what are its benefits?
Is this new-agey mumbo jumbo?
Is this like that movie Altered States?


I’m Ready to FLOAT!

Floating is great on it’s own or in conjunction with a bunch of our other therapeutic services! Check out Therapeutics Packages & Rates Page for prices on single floats, packages, and combo sessions!