Crash Course in Multi Level Marketing


The Network Franchised Business Model

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertising. Young Living utilizes a popular and brilliant business model that allows the average person a chance to have their own successful business for a fraction of what it would cost to start their own business from scratch or buy a traditional franchise.

In an effort to fulfill their mission of brining Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance into every household in the world, Young Living decided to use the networked franchise marketing model to encourage health and prosperity to anyone who wants it.

Young Living nevers pressures its members to ‘sell’ anything but they do believe that financial prosperity and overall abundance is a right that we all have as humans. Instead of paying a marketing and advertising firm to promote their products, Young Living uses that budget to share their profits with all the wholesale members of the company who choose to refer to the company for compensation.

Getting Paid (YLEO Compensation Plan):

See below for a simple overview of how you move up in rank (and in turn get paid) or simply check out the YLEO Compensation Plan Video for a full presentation!


Prospect Informational Handouts

In the beginning (while you are still exploring all of the incredible uses of YLEO personally), it may be foreboding to talk about what you are still learning yourself. That has often left “oil newbies” hesitant to share with others (and new prospective members in your network). Beyond that, it’s imperative to remember that being an oil advocate does not make you a healthcare professional, nor do you need to be! Your job is simply to SHARE information, and empower your network to educate themselves (and then pass it on to others).

Furthermore, regardless if you have a PhD in naturopathy or are simply a Student of Life, third party referrals & recommendations are one of the strongest forms of promotion. Until you’re comfortable sharing your personal experience (and even after that), the best way to share sometimes is simply to let the oils “talk” for themselves (and then back that up with an extra information).

  • Revamp Your Medicine Cabinet: A PDF overview of the 10 Everyday Oils and some basic usage suggestions! Use the space at the bottom to add your personal contact information & YL Member #!

Young Living Informational Handouts & Flyers

Here’s a compilation of handouts directly from Young Living, simply organized to be used at your convenience!  These documents will range from product education to business so check here for items specifically from the company!

Other Resources That Rock (and will help you rock your business)

  • Triharmony Training Center: Resource for product education & business compiled by our network Diamond, Jihan Thomas.
  • YouInfuse: Has several videosthat clearly and simply break down the Young Living compensation plan. To optimize commissions, you will need to understand how you get paid in order to structure your downline for the biggest bonuses!
  • YLEO Personal Enrollment Generator: This website will allow you to enter your member number to create a personalized link to the YLEO signup page with your information already entered! Great for websites or to send in an e-mail to prospects.
  • Airase: This non-profit membership organization is dedicated to promoting scientific validation of essential oils for their global standardization for home, health care & medical uses.
  • Oil Testimonials: This site connects you with a vast network of individuals sharing their personal testimonials on YLEO usage!  Great to share with new members so when they get their oils they actually use them (because they have ideas how).

Promotional Products & Tools

The following sites are places to purchase trifold pamphlets, informational cards & handouts, reference guide, oil extras + more!

  • Crown Diamond Tools: Great place to purge brochure, info handouts & other materials to hand out to prospective members!
  • KRE Publishing: Another sight for banners, business cards & other YLEO sharing tools!
  • Life Science Publishing: Where you can purchase a single Essential Oil Desk Reference (EDR) or get them in bulk for your team (as long as a ton of other resources that will talk about the applications & uses of therapeutic grade oils)!
  • Abundant Health: Place to find carrying cases, sample bottles, diffusers, more business tools & more!
  • Oil Revolution Designs: An incredible site to get stock photos to share YLEO on social media or to print out for talks!