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For the LOVE of Dolphin!

Contributed By: Stefani Gallagher

I love dolphin pose! I knew it had amazing benefits but I didn’t realize how opening it was for me until that one day…….

Forearm stands were always so difficult for me. I had flung my legs over head at the wall and came crashing down on my face several times. I know, I know….that’s not how we do it. It was a struggle because I KNEW I was strong enough for the pose, but my shoulder injury and tightness prevented me from ever feeling the pose, not even once. So i decided to stop trying before I broke my face. I stuck with dolphin pose whenever forearm stands were offered and really worked the pose. I aimed for optimal alignment to reap the benefits and engaged all the right muscles. Four months later, I decided to give forearm stand a chance in class and I almost landed on my face for the sheer fact that I was holding myself up! Granted I used the wall, but I floated instead of flinging my body. I engaged my muscles instead of sinking into my shoulder joints and pushed the floor away….I will never forget that day. The day the world was wrong.

Growing up as a natural competitive athlete, we were always instructed to “push” and “try harder” for what we wanted. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears. That’s what made us so good at the sports we were competing in; however, in yoga, that’s not the case.

By accepting what was, and working with what I had, I was able to progress to a point in my practice that was almost effortless. Yoga has taught me that it is not about finding your edge and staying there; rather, finding your edge, backing away from it, and working within a space that allows progress.

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