Emerge Kids | Learning Life Skills & Building Confidence

At Emerge, we provide both Traditional Yoga Privates & AntiGravity Group Classes + Privates for Kids of ALL AGES. While many of us have found yoga later in life, we recognize quickly that the benefits are vast! In a day and age where children are inundated with the media, and societal pressures are looming, give your little one an opportunity to grow & explore creatively in a safe environment. All kids classes are structured to introduce basic life skills and build confidence in a light-hearted way while having fun. Please see below for our kids class offerings & click here for a list of our upcoming kids, teens & family classes!

Kids, Tweens & Family Group Classes:

All of these sessions are open to the public & can be found on our weekly class schedule online! Please note parents, many classes are KIDS ONLY. However, AG Family Fly is your time to flip and float alongside your little one (and grandpa too)!

Kids AG ✸ Flyers: Ages 8-13

Let their spirits fly. AntiGravity® Fitness provides your tween/teen with an opportunity to swing, stretch, spin, balance, strengthen core muscles, and expand the imagination. He or she will discover a sense of independence while developing self confidence. Furthermore, all participants have the opportunity to make new friends in a community inclusive class, leaving them happier, more balanced & empowered!

Kids AG ✸ Family Fly: Ages 6-106

Since we encourage a family atmosphere at Emerge, this class is open to everyone! Join us and fly, float & have fun, in this upbeat yet lighthearted class, connecting to what youth means for you! Moving through content your little ones will experience in the glider & flyer sessions, adults can Bring a relative, friend, or simply come solo and redefine “family” as you join ours. This class is open to all, ages 6 to 106 (younger children will need instructor endorsement).


Parent + Child Semi-Privates:

The following sessions are currently available as private or semi-private group sessions. Little Flyer Privates start at $50 for 30 minutes (up to 2 duos: 1 adult + 1 kid). All duos after the 1st two are $25 each.

AG Emerging Flyers ✸ Special Needs Ages 5+ with Adult

Together and independently the grown up + special needs child will explore flying, strength-building, stretching, and imagination play to enhance the mind-body connection. This is a fun way to introduce healthy lifestyle techniques that improve both gross and fine motor skills, thus empowering the child mentally, physically and emotionally. Emerging Flyer sessions are excellent opportunities to engage kids with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, and/or are on autism spectrum in a focused yet fun way!

AGY Grown Up & Me ✸ Kids 3-5 + Adult

This session provides a bonding experience for you and your child while integrating healthy, playful behavior into your lives. Utilizing thematic material to engage both parent and child, together and independently you and your little one will explore flying, strength-building, stretching, and imagination techniques to enhance the mind-body connection. Explore the joy of movement together as you encourage your child to build balance, strength, and flexibility – while simultaneously having fun!

AGY Baby Fly ✸ Infant – 2.5 years + Adult

This session focuses on gentle stretching, core strength building, and meditation – designed to nurture bonding with your child in a soothing atmosphere. Furthermore, it introduces child-driven exploration in a supportive sensory-enhancing environment. AG Baby Fly addresses the child’s developmental milestones physically, emotionally, and socially. This class supports the vestibular system and spatial awareness through rocking, spinning, and swinging.



Ready to Party?

Loving kids yoga at Emerge & want to bring some friends, get your next badge, or celebrate your birthday in a hammock? Please check our Kids PARTY Page for more information on group privates, brownie troupes, school trips, birthdays & more!