Check Out an Emerge AGY Class!


A few of the many benefits of AntiGravity® Classes:

  • Zero compression inversions: fly upside down and release your spine!
  • Circulatory and lymphatic system refresh: ahhhhhh =)
  • Stimulating neurotransmitter release from the brain: keeping you on point and sharp.
  • Decompression of back muscles thru gentle traction: like a massage ~ mmmm
  • Hydration of vertebral disks: you’re as young as your spine is healthy!
  • Increased muscular flexibility: keeps you feelin’ fabulous.
  • Core strengthening: essential to daily life (beach, or not).
  • Upper and lower body muscular strengthening: who needs the gym?!
  • Increased kinesthetic awareness: fine-tuning balance & agility.
  • More astute proprioceptor response: greater reflexes & reaction time.
  • Increased joint mobility: avoid those creeks & cracks!
  • Low impact cardiovascular conditioning: <3
  • Greater cerebellum function: get blood pumpin to your brain!
  • Releases a “Happy Hormone Cocktail”: i.e. serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine
  • Self-esteem enhancement through conquering basic fears: YOU ROCK!
  • More astute presence through mindful consciousness conditioning: oooommmm
  • Learning of new skills: that you can show off to your friends: instagram

You will leave class feeling lighter. Your posture will be improved and you will be taller (growth is not cumulative). What have you got to loose?!


Frequently Asked Questions (and answers):

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