Who We Are

An Emerging Community.
Emerge Yoga & Wellness is a Yoga Studio + Holistic Community Center in Massapequa, NY.

Through venues including: yoga, antigravity, massage therapy, non-opioid pain management, float pod & sensory depravation therapy, infrared sauna, negative ion therapy + aromatherapy treatments, holistic health counseling, life coaching, community support & more, we offer a multifaceted, accessible approach to holistic health and wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe space for self-discovery & expression. We believe in the power of accessing our hidden potentials and pledge to create an atmosphere that will support anyone looking to take a proactive role in their own growth & evolution, embarking on a journey to create an inspired life!

Who We Serve

Our commitment is to serve anyone looking for a supportive place to emerge into their limitless potential. Classes are offered for children, teens, and adults & all holistic practices and private sessions are available to individuals of all ages and of any background and can be catered to meet individuals of varying physical abilities.

What We Offer

As Mahatma Ghandi once stated, “Truth is one, Paths are Many.” Here at Emerge, we subscribe to that wisdom, offering a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach to holistic health, meeting individuals wherever they may be. Current offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • traditional yoga classes (land)
  • 200HR foundation & 300HR advanced yoga teacher certification programs
  • workshops and continuing education (for both teachers & students)
  • yoga apprentice, mentorship & intern programs (join the flight crew)
  • antigravity fitness classes (air)
  • antigravity instructor trainings (only Official AG School outside of NYC)
  • kids yoga classes and antigravity sessions (including family fly)
  • birthday parties & special events (from kids birthdays to adult only fly & wine)
  • TRX and suspension fitness private sessions
  • emerge therapeutics: non-opoid pain + injury management
  • massage & integrative bodywork modalities
  • JFB myofascial release & upledger craniosacral therapy
  • integrative energy work: polarity therapy, reiki, and somato-emotional bodywork
  • wellness services: infrared sauna, float pod, biomat & aromadome
  • essential oil education & aromatherapy (Young Living)
  • holistic health counseling: both individual and group sessions
  • cleansing programs, weight loss & food as medicine
  • life coaching: attaining goals and stress management
  • community events & more!


Emerge Manifesto

We are an experienced group of instructors & practitioners who’ve become the kind of teachers that we’ve been inspired by: down-to-earth, grounded in life experience, coming from a place of understanding, constantly engaged, passionate and authentic.

Our goal is to share the tools we discovered to maneuver through life’s obstacles gracefully and guide others to experience the essence of our collective being, embarking on a path to truth.

Perhaps it’s all the upside down, but at Emerge, we see yoga from a unique perspective – as a practice that extends well beyond our mats (and hammocks) and into our everyday lives. Our intention is to encourage others to embrace all aspects of their individuality, while using awareness as a vehicle to evolve.

By creating a safe space for self expression, we welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experience to share in community. We come from a grounded, real-world place, so that anyone can find some truth through the practice of yoga & self care.

We’re here because above all, we believe that everybody has the right to optimal health. Through the incredible changes we have personally experienced and in the transformation we witnessed in people around us, we’ve developed a deep gratitude and respect for the many ways in which yoga & holistic healing has helped us be more joyful, balanced, and in harmony with who we are.

We know the body. We understand the mind. We have a message.
That message is a practical path to peace, in the midst of a fast-paced, dynamic world:


Create An Inspired Life