Special of the Moment (because we love you):

At Emerge, we recognize that gratitude is an essential part of living a life of abundance & inspiration. We acknowledge that it is all of you that keep this place flyin’ high (pun intended), so it’s important to us to give back (and show a little thank you) whenever we can!

Perkville is an incredible LOYALTY APP that helps us give back every time you grace us with your company!


  • Simply visit Perkville to sign up for FREE with your e-maill address (the same one you use for you mindBody login)!
  • Certain “perks” earn you points: pre-registering for classes with out app, checking in online, sharing pics with the hashtag #emergeyoga, referring friends (because you love them), checking in for classes, taking workshops, getting a massage or facial & MORE!
  • Points will earn you tons of stuff: see below for detais!

    If you’ve flied, flipped, or floated with us before, your points are already racking up! Join Perkville today for FREE and start redeeming for some fabulous stuff!


    earning perks
  • just for joining: 50 POINTS
  • refer a friend (‘cus you love us): 100 POINTS
  • your birthday (‘cus we love you): 100 POINTS
  • get a massage, private or coaching session (1hr+): 15 POINTS
  • float in the pod: 10 POINTS
  • sweat in the sauna or on the biomat: 7 POINTS
  • class attended (yoga, AG or TRX): 5 POINTS
  • studio selfie + share on facebook: 5 POINTS
  • check in at Emerge on facebook: 3 POINTS
  • pre-register with our app: 2 POINTS

    redeeming perks
  • FREE towel, t-shirt or mat rental: 50 POINTS
  • FREE class for a friend: 200 POINTS
  • 20% off a full priced single therapeutic session: 450 POINTS
  • 30 minute sweat: sauna | biomat: 500 POINTS
  • 20% off a full priced class pack: 600 POINTS
  • 30 minute massage: 700 POINTS
  • 90 minute float: 850 POINTS
  • 5 class pack: 1000 POINTS
  • 60 minute massage: 1200 POINTS
  • 60 minute yoga or AG private (up to 6 people): 1500 POINTS

    stay tuned for bonus incentives each month and earn extra perks for participation

    GET BONUS POINTS: refer 5 friends in 1 month, get 200 BONUS POINTS

    Please note that in addition to Perkville, we will run some other promos from throughout the year! So please stay tuned in & come hang out to stay up to date with what’s happening at Emerge!