New Students + Clients…

We’ve Got Your Back

Welcome! We’re so excited to have you come join the Emerge community. Please read below for some basic info on how to prepare for your 1st visit, FAQs that are sure to debunk any anticipations, and studio etiquette guidelines that will ensure your experience is full of bliss!


WHO can come to the studio?
WHAT do I need to bring?
WEAR what?
WHEN should I get there?
WHY Emerge?
HOW do I reserve my spot for a class or schedule a private?



I am NEW to yoga, not too flexible or super zen! Will I be okay in the group classes here? Where should I begin?!
I've never even done yoga before; is the flying class too advanced?
I'm pregnant (or just had a baby). What class is right for me?
OK, I got it...I'm HOOKED! What package is best suited for me? I'm ready to be a Frequent Flyer!
OH NO! My class pack expired but I still had sessions remaining. What to do?!
I NEED YOGA, but I'm running late... what now?



Studio Etiquette, Policieis & Procedures
Arrival Time: When & How
Class Reservations: Can I just show up?
Cancelation Policy: Classes, Private Sessions & Workshops
Purchase Policy: Can I bring it back?
AGY Policies: Safety 1st Always
Junior Flyers & Minors: Policies & Parental Consent
Personal Belongings: Don't Bring the Bling!
Maintaining the ZEN: And Create GOOD Karma
Fly|Float at Your Own Risk