Meet the Flight Crew

At Emerge, our staff is highly trained and versatile with many trainings & certifications. Many of the individuals that you will meet when you 1st walk in are teachers themselves (or avid practitioners at the very least) and will be able to guide you into which classes and/or services will best meet your health goals!


Owners + Directors:

Meet the Owners + Studio Directors that keep us soaring smoothly at Emerge. Beyond keeping the doors open & lights on, they both are licensed massage therapists, certified health coaches & yoga instructors. Please reach out if there is anything they can do to make your experience even more blissful… AND don’t be surprised if you have the opportunity to fly, float, or simply unwind with them after you leave reception!

Flight Crew | Instructors, Therapists & Coaches:

All of our instructors, therapists & coaches are highly trained and are certified or licensed in New York! Furthermore, like the owners, many staff members are versatile and offer multiple services at the studio!  Scroll down to check them out & search anyone individually if you can’t find them below!