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emerge manifesto

We are an experienced group of instructors & practitioners who’ve become the kind of teachers that we’ve been inspired by: down-to-earth, grounded in life experience, coming from a place of understanding, constantly engaged, passionate and authentic.
Our goal is to share the tools we discovered to maneuver through life’s obstacles gracefully and guide others to experience the essence of our collective being, embarking on a path to truth.
Perhaps it’s all the upside down, but at Emerge, we see yoga from a unique perspective – as a practice that extends well beyond our mats (and hammocks) and into our everyday lives.  Our intention is to encourage others to embrace all aspects of their individuality, while using awareness as a vehicle to evolve.
By creating a safe space for self expression, we welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experience to share in community.  We come from a grounded, real-world place, so that anyone can find some truth through the practice of yoga.
We teach because above all, we believe that everybody has the right to optimal health.  Through the incredible changes we have personally experienced and in the transformation we witnessed in people around us, we’ve developed a deep gratitude and respect for the many ways in which yoga & holistic healing has helped us be more joyful, balanced, and in harmony with who we are.
We know the body.  We understand the mind.  We have a message.
 That message is a practical path to peace, in the midst of a fast-paced, dynamic world:

engage || evolve || emerge

our values

Gratitude. Compassion. Discipline. Service/Seva.

Open-Mindedness | Free-Thought
Learning. Willingness to GROW. Humility.

Anonymous Acts of Kindness.

Humbleness. Intention. Self-less giving.

Focus. Going with the flowGrounding.

D e t e r m i n a t i o n.

Finding Beauty in the Mundane. Blessings in Disguise.

Empowerment. Follow-through. Integrity

Moving from Awareness to ACTION.

L O V E.

Devotion. Reverence. Respect.
Willingness to Accept Challenge with Grace.

F u n . Humor. Commitment. Balance.

Acceptance. Faith. Authenticity.


Walking to the beat of your own drum….

what they’re saying

I took Vanessas yoga class about two years ago….I immediately felt an amazing energy about her.  After class Vanessa, with her bubbly, beautiful personality said, “Ya know, if you ever want to get together and just meditate… I would totally love that.”  It was then when I knew we would definitly become great friends. Not only is she full of great spirit, she is an amazing yoga teacher. I always leave Vanessa’s class happy and free… as it should be. We sweat, laugh, are blessed with her amazing adjustments, get her restorative aromatherapy love, and I leave feeling a bit more clear than before I entered the space.  I truly feel blessed, grateful, and inspired to know Vanessa, and to have the opportunity to take her classes with the rest of the friendly and loving yogis of Emerge – Danielle Noyes

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